Welcome to the homepage of cat behavior consultant Christine Hauschild!

I am operating the Mobile Cat School 'Happy Miez' in Hamburg, Germany, and am pleased to inform you about my services. The Mobile Cat School is primarily engaged in three interrelated areas of cat life:
(a) consultancy and advice concerning behavioral problems,
(b) consultancy and advice concerning species-appropriate keeping of cats, and
(c) clicker training aimed at the education, activity and fun of your cat.
The Mobile Cat School ‘Happy Miez’ can thus offer information and support for a wide range of typical situations and problems encountered in the life with your cat.

The methods and approaches I employ are exclusively cat friendly, scientifically grounded and well established by practical experience. The Mobile Cat School advocates a species-appropriate and ethically sound keeping of cats and a respective handling of them. Punishment becomes unnecessary, when management and positive reinforcement strategies are creatively exerted.

In addition to the advisory services, I also offer seminars for cat owners and colleagues on a variety of topics and skill enhancement courses for the personnel of animal shelters.

Up until now, I can  offer you the English translations of my first two German books "No love for the Litter Box?"and "Trick Training for Cats". 



But who knows, what the future might bring!